SwipeCare® Clinic

SwipeCare® Clinic is an integrated healthcare system for use in specialist clinics and primary care units.

We have packeted two different versions of SwipeCare® Clinic, a version for specialist clinics and one for primary care units. Most of the functionality is the same, but because of differences in the clinical methods we have developed two versions.

Below is the description for specialis clinics. If you want to read about the primary care unit version, please click here >>

Seamless Care Process

SwipeCare® Clinic is a complete, mobile and flexible eHealth system. It creates a seamless care process that covers everything from identification, self-referrals, appointment bookings, self-recorded anamnesis and payments to assessments, medical records entries and statistics. Not only that, the system’s self-referral and self-recorded anamnesis functions let the care process begin even before the patient’s consultation. This means that both patient and healthcare staff can focus on the patient’s situation and ailments when they meet, instead of spending time going over and filling in administrative information in various systems.



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Self-recorded Anamnesis

SwipeCare Clinic includes the option for patients to record their own background information and assess their own condition prior to their visit. Currently, patients are often asked to answer the same questions and fill in the same information multiple times. SwipeCare Clinic avoids this kind of tiresome inefficiency, since information can be retrieved by healthcare staff, updated and then automatically re-entered in the patient’s records. This kind of integrated process also means greater patient involvement in their own care, while still allowing healthcare staff to retain full control.


Allowing patients to refer themselves to a specialist is one way in which the healthcare system can improve accessibility and give patients the opportunity to get in contact with the right level of healthcare service without delay. Self-referrals combined with self-recorded anamnesis – i.e. requiring a patient to provide a self-recorded case history after having received their self-referral – gives healthcare providers the opportunity to contact those patients who potentially have no need of specialist care and put them in contact with the right kind of practitioner instead. 

Security & Payments

Patients log in to the system using an electronic ID, which doubles as a security feature when making payments. Different payment options are available, such as credit card and electronic transfer services like Sweden’s Klarna service.

Virtual Reception Desk

A virtual reception desk gathers together the functions that a patient normally uses when they contact a specialist clinic and offers them in digital form instead. It lets patients use their mobile phone or computer to identify themselves, write self-referrals, fill in health declarations, book appointments and make payments prior to consultations.

Mobile Tool for Better Consultations

Healthcare staff then use SwipeCare® Pro during the consultation itself – an iPad-based information tool that supplements a patient’s own description and other patient data with medical professionals’ assessments and diagnoses. 

Medical Records Entries

The process concludes when the collected material is signed using a high-security identification card (e.g., SITHS card) and sent directly from SwipeCare Pro to the TakeCare medical records system. The hassle of inefficient “double documentation” is eliminated for both patient and healthcare worker when documentation is carried out only once and in the same tool that is used to both sign and add entries to patients’ medical records.

Patient Participation

SwipeCare Clinic also promotes cooperation between patient and provider in clinical settings too, since it allows them to jointly discuss and record answers to the questions stored in the hand-held tool. The patient both sees and knows exactly what will be recorded in their medical record and, in many cases, it will be the patient’s own words that are entered.

Digital Consultations

Digital consultations are becoming increasingly popular. SwipeCare Clinic supports integrated analogue and digital consultations using everything from real-time video to asynchronous chat functions, where questions and answers can be dealt with when doctor and patient have time.

White-label Solution

SwipeCare Clinic has been developed as a white-label solution. This means that a clinic is free to use its own graphic design and logo for the user interface used by both patients and their own staff. Naturally, a generic design is also provided for users who want to prioritise getting their system up and running over aesthetics.

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