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Welcome to a Breakfast Seminar about Innovation’s Obstacles and Opportunities

The message is clear: the healthcare sector needs to be better at harnessing minor stakeholders’ creativity and ability to effect change. Despite widespread support for this move, major stakeholders aren’t embracing new ideas and innovations. Why? Can they not see the opportunities they present? Do they lack the ability to engage with entrepreneurs? Or is it the innovators who have failed to grasp the rules of the game?

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Turning Innovation Obstacles into Opportunities
Incorporating Ideas & AI into Healthcare


Come and receive advice on how to get your local county council and major private healthcare stakeholders on board with your idea. Take the opportunity to present the changes you believe major healthcare stakeholders need to make for their patients and staff to benefit from the innovative talents that you and your colleagues have to offer.


When: Tuesday the 29th of May, at 8:00 - 9:00 am (Registration from 7:30)

Where: Oxtorgsgränd 2 (close to Hötorget), Stockholm



Daniel Forslund, Commissioner for Innovation and eHealth, Stockholm County Council

Dag Salaj, Chief Medical Officer at Capio Geriatrics Dalen Hospital, Stockholm

Elisabeth Norén, Specialist, General Medicine

Andreas Rosenqvist, Founder & CEO, Inovia

Henrik Ljungberg, Chariman and Co-founder, Medituner


Daniel Forslund, Commissioner for Innovation and eHealth at Stockholm County Council, will begin by sharing five helpful tips for success for those planning to pitch their ideas and innovations to the County Council. What challenges will you face and how can you best navigate the obstacle course ahead of you in order for the healthcare system to benefit from your ideas?

Daniel will also unveil the County Council’s plans for 2019, including its efforts to reduce obstacles to, and increase opportunities for innovation within the organisation.

Practically everyone is talking about AI right now. The technology promises better diagnostic support and less administration in healthcare, but could it also be viewed as a means to support greater innovation? Could it even be used to overcome certain obstacles to innovation? How can you start building AI into your application? And how do healthcare stakeholders view the use of AI in healthcare? Is it necessary to include AI in order to win procurement contracts? We will find out.

Advice and Experience

Next, we will give the panel the chance to share their advice and experience with attendees and also provide specific suggestions to both politicians and healthcare sector representatives on what they need to think about in order to create greater room for smaller stakeholders’ creativity and impetus to make an impact.

Naturally, we will also give healthcare sector representatives and politicians the opportunity to explain what they need from suppliers for their innovations to work and to provide benefit in a sector where equity of care, political decisions and fixed profitability requirements all jostle for space and need to be balanced.