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New AI Healthcare Partnership for Strikersoft & Inovia

Strikersoft and artificial intelligence (AI) specialists Inovia have begun a collaboration aimed at making healthcare both smarter and more efficient. The first step in their partnership involves implementing the technology in Strikersoft’s eHealth platform, SwipeCare®.

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When AI specialists Inovia found themselves in the market for a partner to help them begin applying their AI expertise in the healthcare sector, Strikersoft proved to be just the right fit.

“Since starting out in 2012, we mainly worked with AI in the banking and telecom sectors. That was until late 2017, when we realised that our know-how would also benefit healthcare,” explains Marcus Ekendahl, Founder & Chief Services Officer at Inovia. “After that, we began looking for a partner who was already established in digital healthcare and who had large-scale clients with enough data to be able to apply deep learning technology. We found what we were looking for in Strikersoft and their eHealth platform, SwipeCare®,” he says.


The collaboration will focus on both diagnostic support tools and streamlining care processes.

“To begin with, our partnership will focus on areas of application where AI can provide tangible benefits in day-to-day operations,” explains Strikersoft CEO Fredrik Wångberg. “To date, much of the interest in AI has focused on diagnostic support. At the same time, practical experience in England and other countries shows that it’s when AI automates processes in a smart way, such as by reducing manual administration, that we will reap significant benefits in the short term. We see an opportunity to increase interest in AI’s potential in this area too,” he adds.


Strikersoft and Inovia will man booth B01:01 at Scandinavia’s largest IT in healthcare event, the Vitalis conference and exhibition, to be held 24-26 April in Gothenburg, Sweden. Visitors to the booth will have the chance to test drive an AI-based chatbot and see for themselves how it streamlines administration work.



Strikersoft develops healthcare-digitalisation tools that improve quality of care, reduce administrative load and increase patient participation. Strikersoft is also a member of CGM’s Partner Programme.


For more information, please contact

Fredrik Wångberg, CEO, Strikersoft

+46 (0)730 632 301


Inovia specialises in AI. Using machine learning, deep learning and other similar technologies, we develop solutions that find, organise and analyse information in a way that is beyond human capabilities.


For more information, please contact

Christoffer Göransson, Sales Business Developer, Inovia

+46 (0)733 408 700