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Strikersoft is an IT company that helps organisations like yours make their ideas come true. We do this by finding the best technical and commercial solutions for new and disruptive business ideas. 

We also help you become genuinely efficient – saving you both time and money – by digitalizing your operations and creating enhanced user experiences.


Strikersoft was launched in 2006 and now employs 60 staff. Our headquarters are located in Stockholm’s tech hub, Kista, together with our project management and sales divisions. 

Strikersoft’s R&D unit is located in Kiev, Ukraine – a city that currently ranks at no. 4 in the world in terms of the number of professional IT developers.

In other words, we have the experience, strength and know-how to deliver the system solution you’re looking for.

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Our Offering

• Complete system solutions for the eHealth, safety and telecom/IT sectors

• Truly efficient internal processes through the digitalization of your work flows and administration

• Strikersoft’s own cutting-edge platform solutions for the eHealth and safety sectors.


The Strikersoft Approach

We base everything we do on the Strikersoft Business Value Model. This means we take a holistic approach to both the technological development process and your product, ensuring your solution is efficient and add real end-user value.

We analyse how your organisation can achieve three key success factors:

• Streamlined processes

• Added value for end-customers

• Up-selling


Our founders are entrepreneurs who inherently understand the value of speed and efficiency. They have structured Strikersoft to give you the benefits of efficient decision-making and fast communication.


Our Customers

We have over 60 customers on three continents, including:

• Praktikertjänst

• Conscriptor


• nWise

• Karolinska Institutet

• Telenor 

• Red Bull

• Tetra Consulting


• Coop

• NDE Offshore

• Crowdsoft

• Secmaker

 • Wittra

Join Our Team

We’re always looking to recruit the best in the business. If that’s you, feel free to send us your CV.

We’re currently looking to recruit in:


No open positions for the moment


Senior QA Engineer

UX/UI Designer


What is it like to work at Strikersoft?

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Corporate Social Responsibility 

Strikersoft proudly supports Hand in Hand, an organisation that helps women in some of the world’s poorest countries to start businesses so they can support themselves, their families and even their neighbours and friends. 

Hand in Hand

Learn more about Hand in Hand here.


Company Presentation

You can view Strikersoft’s official company presentation on SlideShare.