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Our Story

Strikersoft helps organisations make their ideas come true. We do this by finding the best technical and commercial solutions for new and disruptive business ideas.


We also help you become genuinely efficient – saving you both time and money – by digitalizing your operations and creating enhanced user experiences.

 Strikersoft was launched in 2006 and now employs 60 staff. Our headquarters are located in Stockholm’s tech hub, Kista, together with our project management and sales divisions. 


Mission & Vision

Mission: We help businesses transform their industries by providing excellence in digitalisation.

Vision: A safer, healthier and more efficient world.




We actively search out new knowledge. We pay attention to detail and remain committed until we achieve our goal. This approach results in high-quality, on-time deliveries.


We have a business-oriented mind-set that involves quickly making decisions and finding solutions.


We have fun. We gain satisfaction from our work. We love what we do and it shows!


We are honest, open, ethical and fair. We keep our promises.



Strikersoft's development team







Strikersoft as Partner

Listen to Roger Larsson at Praktikertjänst describe the working relationship with Strikersoft.


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Corporate Social Responsibility 

Strikersoft proudly supports Hand in Hand, an organisation that helps women in some of the world’s poorest countries to start businesses so they can support themselves, their families and even their neighbours and friends. 

Hand in Hand

Learn more about Hand in Hand here.




Our Customers

We have over 60 customers on three continents, including:

• VisueCare

• Praktikertjänst


• Aleris

• nWise

• Karolinska Institutet

• Telenor 

• Mediasmiths

• Tetra Consulting


• NDE Offshore

• Crowdsoft

• Secmaker