Web-based Solutions

Web-based systems often lie at the heart of digitalisation. Transforming your website from a one-way communication channel into a truly useful, interactive tool is a good first step in a web-development project.

Web-based Solutions Strikersoft


Instant Accessibility

The advantage of a web-based solution is instant accessibility on all types of devices, including computers, mobile phones and tablets, without the software installation and updates needed with an app.

Responsive solutions

Strikersoft often develops web-based solutions that include apps as a complement. This option gives you the best of both worlds. The web interface suits users in a fixed location with a stable Internet connection, while the app suits mobile users who may not always have Internet access.

People who use a service only occasionally also value the option to visit a company’s website instead of downloading an app. This makes it important that your web-based solution is responsive so as to accommodate mobile users and harmonise well with the various operating systems installed on users’ devices.

Leverage Your Organisation’s Assets

A web-based solution works well for both external and internal use and also as a connection between the two. Web-based solutions for internal use can make your digital assets accessible to your entire organisation in an efficient way. A useful solution involves combining secure digital storage with a functional work tool, which improves both internal use and your ability to work remotely without glitches.

From Start to Finish

Strikersoft has years of experience in developing web-based solutions. What’s more, our expert developers only use top-modern frameworks, such as react.js – originally developed by Facebook and now used by other online giants like Netflix.

We also help you lay the foundation for successful development, including identifying your target group and deciding how your solution will be used and the screen size needed to ensure it will be both effective and intuitive for all users.

UX/UI Design Is Key

Strikersoft has extensive experience in creating user-friendly and intuitive user interfaces for web-based solutions. Ultimately, user experience determines whether a tool will be used to the full and will achieve the desired increase in efficiency.

Built-in Business Insight

Strikersoft also builds business insight into the design process itself so your web-based solution will help your business achieve its goals. Together, your knowledge of your business and Strikersoft’s in-depth knowledge of web development can create a solution that will generate real added value for your organisation.