Mobile Applications

Supporting mobile users and a mobile work environment are important tools in streamlining your organisation’s work processes, but did you know that going mobile can also boost your customer experience? For younger generations, in particular, “pre-mobile” simply doesn’t exist.

Part of Everyday Life

Mobile apps have become a natural part of people’s everyday lives, regardless of their age group. By offering an app as a complement to your web-based solution, you offer your customers a consistent user experience across their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Apps for a Special Purpose

Today, users expect organisations to offer apps designed to meet a specific need – everything from booking a taxi to logging a patient visit to dimensioning an industrial ball bearing. Building a customised app to meet these needs is often a better solution than adding an application to your website, since web-based apps can be harder to find and make user-friendly.

Build a Reputation for Fast, Accessible Service

Today, most apps are designed as an extension of an organisation’s systems and services. A good mobile app boosts your customers’ perception of your organisation as providing fast, accessible service, which shows that you understand their needs and wishes. Giving your customers the best possible user experience also requires that your app’s functionality and user interface feel like a part of their device and that they feel as natural as the device’s native apps.

Leverage Every Function

It’s important that your app works on both Android and iOS devices. Building apps dedicated to the different platforms lets you leverage all the features already built into the hardware, including cameras, GPS, accelerometers, microphones and speakers, giving the best possible performance. Dedicated apps also allow for seamless integration with the suppliers and other companies’ software, such as apps for contacts, calendars, maps and social media sharing, and give your users the option of offline use.

Help Connect Your Staff & Customers

Very often, a well-designed app also simplifies contact between your staff and customers when it comes to customer service and settling claims, for example. Your app can also help your staff and customers bond. One example of this is the eHealth sector, where healthcare staff and patients now fill in the patient’s medical journal together using a mobile app.

Ride the Wave of Progress

To get the maximum benefit from its functionality and exceed your customers expectations, it’s important that your app be designed to keep pace with developing mobile devices. Keeping up with the pace of change will ensure that your organisation stays one step ahead in offering your customers the kind of innovative ideas and services that will keep them loyal. Our developers, who have been building apps since the industry began, can help your organisation achieve exactly that. Since they focus solely on app development, they are specialists in both app technology and use – expertise that will keep you ahead of the game in a dynamic, fast-paced market.