Tailor-made System Solutions

Our brand promise, ideas come true, is no hollow slogan. It reflects our ability to transform your wildest entrepreneurial ideas into feasible new enterprises. Equally, this capability also stimulates development and innovation within existing organisations. In our case, turning your ideas into realities often involves hardware and various types of air interface.

Reduce Costs & Boost Your Income

A customised system solution streamlines your business processes by combining mobile applications with web-based solutions. Initially, the focus often lies on processes where digitalisation provides you with the greatest ROI. Development, production and faster invoicing are typical areas where digitalisation can cut your lead times and costs dramatically. Increased customer value and new business opportunities are some other advantages a customised solution can provide. Good system solutions improve your business' competitive edge while also expanding your market.

Seamless Integration

We support you throughout the entire digitalisation process. This leaves you free to focus on your business goals while we create smart and efficient solutions for you. Our team has a broad range of skills and can provide you with project management services, systems architects, UX/UI design, testers and experienced front-end and back-end developers with cutting-edge expertise. We can also build your server and integrate hardware and various types of air interface into your tailor-made system solution.

Your System Solution, Your Choice

Partnering with Strikersoft lets you choose whether you want help with the entire development process, or just the areas where you need to supplement your own resources. We assume responsibility for integrating your solution. We use independent, agile teams and also offer UX/UI design as a separate service. This flexible approach allows us to assemble the project group that best suits your needs for each part of your project.


In many cases, our work continues even after we have delivered your solution. Ordinarily, various types of software- and hardware-related support are included in our service to you, as is help with implementing your solution within your organisation. This support can cover everything from training users and compiling usage statistics to producing manuals and instruction videos.

Did you know that a good strategy for achieving rapid implementation is to appoint ambassadors from among your staff who provide practical, hands-on help to intended users? If you’d like to try it, we provide a train-the-trainers programme to help get your ambassadors started.