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Strikersoft installs video for digital consultations at Medfit in record time

The corona virus affects us all, also Medfit, who quickly needed a video solution to complement their physical patient meetings.

Secure login

The corona virus affects us all, also Medfit, who quickly needed a video solution to complement their physical patient meetings. In the basic version, the video function includes secure login with BankID, chat function during the video meeting, as well as the possibility to send messages between patient and healthcare provider between meetings. In addition, sending a confirmation through sms of a scheduled bookings is included, if a new digital consulation.


To be integrated with TakeCare

In the next release for healthcare organizations, online calendar booking for patients will be included, which will then also be integrated with the calendar function in TakeCare. In the following release, a joint caretaker view with the video feature integrated in SwipeCare is introduced. In addition, the release also includes a normal SITHS login as well as the possibility to transfer the patient's online health declaration to TakeCare with a simple push of a button.

“It is probably not just us at Strikersoft and our customers in healthcare who feel the extra boost for digitalisation that currently prevails,” says Fredrik Wångberg, CEO of Strikersoft. “It will be interesting to see how much of this will remain in our behaviours and systems even after the current crisis. We are humbled by what is happening right now, but at the same time happy to be able to contribute to the change of care that is catching up with the rest of society in terms of digitization.”


Working from home

The video function for SwipeCare is delivered together with TechTrade International who for over 25 years has served Swedish healthcare with various forms of IT services and IT operations specially developed for healthcare. The video feature is integrated into SwipeCare in order to offer healthcare providers yet another function for communication. This is becoming highly relevant now that many in healthcare need to work remotely or be able to communicate with patients situated at home.

“There are many requirements that must be met such as GDPR, secure authentication but also a system that is easy to use for patients and caregivers, in order to provide good and safe care,” says Jan Lindblad, CEO of TechTrade International. “Therefore, this collaboration is extra exciting as both organizations have a consensus around these issues, even when things are moving fast.”

The video feature contains in the basic version:

  • Video meeting between healthcare provider and patient from computer, tablet or mobile
  • Chat function between patient and healthcare provider during the video meeting
  • Send confirmation of booking by SMS.
  • Message function between patient and caregiver between meetings
  • Strong 2-factor authentication with BankID for both patient and healthcare provider
  • Whitelabling, ie integrated into the healthcare provider's graphic profile