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10 year of innovation

Firstly, we’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all our clients, both old and new, for joining us on our journey. To mark the occasion, we interviewed our dual founders, Fredrik Wångberg and Bogdan Shelest, and asked them a few questions about Strikersoft’s latest milestone.

Hi Fredrik and Bogdan! Congratulations on Strikersoft’s 10-year anniversary! What’s Strikersoft’s journey been like for the first 10 years?


You know, we’ve shared a wonderfully exciting and enriching journey with our clients over the past 10 years, some of whom have been with us from the start. Building an IT company from the ground up is a long-term project, and we’ve worked hard to achieve the high standard of quality we offer and that’s required of an organisation like ours. And even after all we’ve achieved, our journey only continues.
Why did you decide to launch Strikersoft?
Basically, we saw a need for the type of solution we offer; one that takes an agile approach to development. Ten years ago, many organisations were focusing on the waterfall model in developing their IT services, but this approach is often both slow and expensive.
Another thing we noticed back then was that many organisations were still running up hefty personnel expenses thanks to their large in-house IT departments. Taking over certain areas and flattening the salary peaks was our answer to this problem, and we still feel it’s the right way to go: clients should be able to scale their workforce to suit their needs, and doing so should be simple.
Nowadays, many more organisations recognise the benefit in bringing in IT consultants to help manage their workload. They prefer to partner with a company that isn’t on the other side of the globe and that can offer a flexible solution. The trend has gone from outsourcing via offshoring to nearshoring, which is the most common approach today. And we were ahead of our time there.
What’s different about Strikersoft’s business model today, compared with 10 years ago?

The basic concept is the same – to offer innovative solutions and help our clients realise their ideas. Ideas come true.
On the other hand, there’s no doubt that development has progressed at breakneck speed and, in that regard, we’re a completely different company today than we once were.
We’ve grown considerably, too, and are proud of who we are. Who could have imagined at the outset that we’d be involved in developing SwipeCare®, for example? An award-winning product that’s helping simplify and improve healthcare processes right now.
But perhaps that’s not so surprising – Strikersoft possesses impressive expertise. Not only that, our staff are loyal and want to stay with us. It’s a good endorsement and yet another thing we’re proud of.
Briefly, what do you foresee for Strikersoft and the industry in the future?
As we mentioned earlier, the pace of progress has been simply mind-blowing. Just look at how the past six months have changed our way of working: remote work and nearshoring are the most natural things in the world now. Where you are and where you work from no longer makes any difference.
In this same vein, we believe that the next 10 years will bring even bigger changes, and that IoT and AI, in particular, will be areas to watch. We’re going to see whole new ways of creating systems. AI will impact every field. It will take on much greater importance in IoT, and advanced AI models will be used in all our devices in the future.

Strikersoft is both eager and willing to embark on this journey into the future together with our clients and staff.