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New eHealth concept provides qualitative remote care

- Creating a remote e-health solution to support the chronically ill, the elderly, or those in permanent care was a goal of ours, says Tomas Hörger, Head of Development at nWise.

- When the MMX Care solution, developed together with Strikersoft became available, we were really pleased. Not only does the solution improve the quality of care these individuals receive, it also saves time and money for the healthcare institutions.

MMX Care offers a communication environment for healthcare providers, with all the necessary communication tools to assist patients in residential care or at home.  It can be integrated with external systems, alarm devices, and existing equipment in the patient’s home such as TVs, PCs, smartphones, and so on. 

For the patients at home or in residential care, to get started, they simply download an app to his or her tablet or telephone and can even be connected via a PC or TV. Caregivers on the other hand get access to patients via a tailor-made PC-based caregiver terminal at the office or in the hospital.


Advanced communication solution

- When we developed the solution together with Strikersoft, we worked with the individuals who would deliver the services in mind; doctors, nurses, specialists, as well as with the workplace, and we researched what tools and information these individuals needed so they could do the best possible job, explains Tomas.  

The resulting advanced communication solution gives access to a fully-integrated computer and telephone environment, which allows healthcare professionals to easily work with video, voice and text in one single call.

- Our solution is constantly evolving, and our goal is to help more people gain access to even better services. MMX Care not only provides a comprehensive solution for improved communication in healthcare, it also promotes increased quality of care through increased availability, continues Tomas.


Independent secure living

For the patient at home, because of the possibility of daily contact, as well as reminders to take daily medicines and the possibility to raise an alarm in an acute situation, the patient can feel secure.  It also means that they can enjoy independent living as long as they feel assured. Since the solution can be fitted with medical sensors and the patient can even complete digital self-assessment checklists, the caregivers can get a very good overall picture of how the patient is doing.  

An added benefit of the solution is that with the consent of the patient, access to health information can be given to relatives, so that they can also can feel certain in the knowledge that the patient is doing well.


Complete and dependable remote care

For the caregivers, MMX Care provides the possibility of daily patient monitoring.  This gives the caregiver an excellent insight and dependable overview of the patient’s health.  Health screening and monitoring, as well as the chance to check and supplement the patient’s information, as well as read patient’s self-assessments, means caregivers can keep good track of the patient. 

Being able to see the patient means that the caregiver has the added dimension that video telephony provides when assessing the patient. In the event that the caregiver deems it necessary to monitor the patient even more, then night cameras can be fitted..


Substantial savings by providing services remotely

Other benefits of the solution are that healthcare institutions not only save money because the healthcare professional does not have to travel out to the patient, but they can also see more patients because so much time is saved.  

Increased availability and access to healthcare professionals means healthcare institutions can also offer better quality care, while at the same time gaining substantial savings by providing services remotely. 

- Strikersoft’s informal approach and responsiveness makes them very easy to work with, and we are currently working on the next phase of the solution which is to provide healthcare professionals with a web-based solution, concludes Tomas.