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Next-generation Time Tracking & Time Management System

SEV Tidsystem set their sights on developing a next-generation time tracking and time management system, but it posed a challenge.

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SEV Tidsystem has been developing and refining its range of employee time tracking, time management and staff scheduling services and systems since 1986. The company offers tools that streamline and simplify payroll management, staffing and security, including time clocks and door access systems. Their market-leading employee time tracking and time management system, TIL-Tid, is used by more than 1,700 businesses and organisations throughout Sweden.

Without any Negative Impact on Existing Clients

SEV Tidsystem set their sights on developing a next-generation time tracking and time management system and had taken steps to realise their goal by starting work on a new, cloud-based solution for TIL-Tid. Good intentions aside, the reality is that updating this type of service poses a challenge, especially for a company with a large client base like SEV Tidsystem. The transition needs to be smooth in every detail, without any negative impact on existing clients and their current systems. In the past, SEV Tidsystem had only used in-house staff for their development work, but now recognised the need for external expertise in order to get them over the hump and get their product onto the market.

“We needed a collaborator to help us with a small trial project and had been in touch with various Swedish consultancy firms, but none of them really fit the bill,” explains Tomas Klys, Head of Development at SEV Tidsystem.

Positive Things To Say

Still searching for the right partner, Tomas spoke to a colleague who had positive things to say about their past experience working with Strikersoft. The recommendation led to a collaboration between the two companies on a limited-scale project. Ultimately, this project yielded better-than-expected results, Tomas relates, despite his initial misgivings about the practical feasibility of cross-border collaboration with Strikersoft’s developers in Kiev.

“I wondered how it would all work – trying to communicate in English with someone in another country, managing development and testing remotely – but it turned out to be no problem at all. My fears were unfounded. Modern technology allowed us to work together as though we were sitting in the same room,” he explains.

Extension of the Company’s Own Workforce

SEV Tidsystem later continued their search for traditional consultants who could help them with their major new development initiative, but once again failed to find any who satisfied the criteria. Ultimately, they decided to try establishing a longer-term solution with Strikersoft as their collaborator. As a result, the companies negotiated a tailor-made deal that saw SEV Tidsystem sign contracts with two Strikersoft employees, who, instead of working on a separate project, became an extension of the company’s own workforce.

 SEV Tidsystem soon signed similar contracts with a further two members of Strikersoft’s team. The verdict? After having tested this customised solution until the close of 2015, they were so pleased with the results that they decided to make it part of the company’s strategy going forward.


TIL-Tid dagligvaruhandeln


Long-term Collaborations

“It’s a lot different to hiring ordinary consultants. Most consultants are interested in short-term contracts and are often self-employed professionals who are keen to put their own stamp on the products, so to speak, and to build, or rebuild, things from scratch. Strikersoft has the exact opposite mentality: they’re looking for long-term collaborations.

What’s more, they’ve struck a good balance between adopting our vision and providing us with tips and new ideas. As a result, we’ve been able to establish a very good dialogue with them and to come up with great solutions,” Tomas explains.

The companies’ combined efforts resulted in a cloud-based service and updated hardware that offer both SEV Tidsystem and their clients a major improvement in accessibility and efficiency. Strikersoft was also involved in a parallel project in which they helped develop SEV Tidsystem’s new Android-based time clock.

Problem-solving – Prevention Is Better than Cure

The new service gives clients a more mobile, flexible and efficient staff scheduling tool. Instead of only having access to TIL-Tid in the workplace, as was the case in the past, clients can now use it anywhere where they have access to the Internet.

Until now, the stationary system required clients to manage a lot of the practical aspects of its operation themselves, and when disruptions to the service arose, they had to contact SEV Tidsystem, who then sent out technicians to troubleshoot the problem on site. The new system supports seamless operation that benefits both SEV Tidsystem and their clients. Instead of spending time and money on repairing the product on site, the company can now focus on preventing possible faults.

“Now we can both monitor and solve problems remotely. Perhaps before the client is even aware of them,” says Tomas.

As Though They Were Our Own Developers

One of the major advantages of the flexible cooperation agreement between SEV Tidsystem and Strikersoft is that SEV Tidsystem not only has access to the expertise of the four Strikersoft employees under contract, but in practice, the entire company’s collective know-how is at their disposal.

“The thing is, Strikersoft hires pros. They’re young and highly capable and we’ve benefited a lot from their expertise. One very recent example of their valuable contribution came during internal deliberations, where we involved them right from the conceptual phase, using them as sounding boards. We use them as though they were our own developers and have picked up loads of ideas as a result. Whenever we’re faced with a question or issue, they can assemble a team and hold a meeting where they supply expert knowledge in any area you care to name,” says Tomas.


TIL-Tid restaurang


Develop Products

The next step is to have all SEV Tidsystem’s clients migrate to the upgraded platform and to start delivering the new Android-based time clocks.

“We’ve already attracted new clients on the strength of our updated system, and the plan is for it to help us land even more new business in the future,” Tomas adds.

What’s more, Strikersoft will be an integral part of this process.

“Strikersoft are really easy to work with and also very conscientious and thorough when it comes to the end result. They take pride in their work and want to do right by their clients. It’s obvious that the ultimate aim behind their approach is not to rack up more consulting hours, but to develop products, and that’s very refreshing to see in my line of work as Head of Development. They bring in people who are passionate about what they do, which is fantastic,” Tomas concludes.


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