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Strikersoft includes automated healthcare processes in SwipeCare®

Strikersoft builds on its award-winning SwipeCare® healthcare management system and now includes automated healthcare processes to further reduce administrative work and improve quality of care.

Driving the care process forward

“Previous process tools in healthcare have mainly been about monitoring what is happening and the healthcare staff has manually moved the patient between each step in the process,” explains Fredrik Wångberg, CEO at Strikersoft. “In SwipeCare®, healthcare is now given a powerful tool that drives the care process and the patient forward, while ensuring that every step is done, and done in a qualitative and safe way.”

The fact that the system itself drives the healthcare process forward means, among other things, that the system book lab times, call patients and involve the care staff when and where it is needed in the process, especially in the clinical parts.



Both patients, healthcare staff and care management have so-called dashboards, digital overview boards, where they can see how the care is progressing. The patient follows their own healthcare flow and can see what the next step is. The healthcare staff can see if there are any stops in the flows or how far different patients have come in their flows. The management receives a summary picture of the entire care unit's operations.


New way

From being more supportive, the digital tool now becomes the core of the care process, a change that you could see in other areas where you also work with process control.

“This is a huge change and a fairly new way of thinking in healthcare,” says Fredrik Wångberg. “But I believe that it is an absolutely necessary step in order to free up resources and ensure efficient and high-quality care in the future.”


Patient Contract

SwipeCare® also supports Patient Contracts (Patientkontrakt), the agreement between patient and care provider that Anna Nergårdh's study Good and Close Care (God och nära vård) introduced. The purpose of the patient contract is, inter alia, to create a simple overview for the patient about the next step in their care and treatment, and to involve the patient much more than today.

“The improved patient portal in SwipeCare® 4 fits well to support patients' increasing involvement,” says Fredrik Wångberg. “They can register their own measurement values ​​and see their own healthcare flow in a clear way.”


Unplowed land

To enable the automated care processes, Strikersoft has built a brand new process engine in SwipeCare®. The changing way in which the tool works has also led to major changes in the system structure.

“It is a completely different logic in SwpeCare® compared to previous versions,” Fredrik Wångberg continues. “We have had to rethink and rethink several times during the development journey.” “When you are out on unplowed land there are no signs, but we have insightful pilot customers in the project who constantly ensure that the ideas also function in the daily healthcare work.”


Thousands of patients

Since 2020, SwipeCare® has been installed and runs with thousands of patients at several of Strikersoft's healthcare customers.

“The staff appreciates the new way of working and, above all, the overview of where each patient is in the healthcare chain, as well as the aggregated view of the entire process,” says Fredrik Wångberg. “The feedback we have received is that once you have started using the automated care process and see what support it is in the work, then you do not want to go back.”


Staff view - Pat process EN

Healthcare professionals' view of the automated healthcare process in SwipeCare® 4 (example)