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Apps save work and make more time for patients

-Reducing the time healthcare professionals spend on administration, so that more time can be spent with patients, is core to our business, says Henric Carlsson, Founder and CEO of Conscriptor. The problem with some of today’s solutions that support healthcare professionals in their daily work is that they are difficult to use and take up valuable time with the patient, continues Henric.

Conscriptor had a dictation solution that was widely used among healthcare professionals.  The biggest challenge however, was the time delay between the recording of important patient information after a consultation, and the availability of an approved medical record.  It could take anything from a week to a month, depending on when the health care professional had time to dictate and upload the patient information for processing by Conscriptor’s medical secretaries. 


Needed to be at their desk

Even if the dictation device itself was mobile, the medical professional had to hook up to a PC to send the file on for processing by the medical secretaries. So the stationary tools meant that the medical professional needed to be at the desk to finish the dictation process.

On top of that the whole process of dictating, uploading, retrieving, transcribing and returning patient information to the healthcare professionals for approval was laborious and time consuming.  It also diverted the attention from the patient to the tools.

-It was then we chose to work with Strikersoft who understood our requirements, since they had worked on similar projects with other prominent clients.  We also worked with them and their highly competent development team before on other projects, and were confident they could deliver what we wanted, explains Henric.


Patient information dispatched for transcription in a click

The first app Strikersoft developed was the dictation app DictaSend. The app is easy to use and there is no troublesome equipment to connect.  The healthcare professional simply downloads the app to his or her phone, and then dictates the patient information directly to the phone, and with just a few clicks the information can be sent on for transcription by the medical secretaries at Conscriptor.


Approved medical record in 1 day

The second app that Strikersoft developed for Conscriptor was MedSpeech Air - a Dictaphone ® for iOS and Android which is also connected to the medical secretarial services. It is a very effective tool for the handling of patient medical records and notes. It even has a real-time speech-to-text recognition function and intelligent add-on services such as a list of patients for the day.  Thanks to these extra functions and ease of use for both the healthcare professional and the medical secretaries, it is even possible to have an approved medical record within a day.

-At Conscriptor we also have the possibility to examine the data processed in the back-end system so that we can produce statistics and analyse patterns, all of which supports us in the development of future tools, says Hans Håkansson, Head of Development at Conscriptor.

Easy to use apps promotes extra time with patient

 These easy to use apps save the healthcare professional an enormous amount of time, and also improve the accuracy of the patient information, since all the basic information is already in the system.  The healthcare professional can then dedicate the majority of his or her time to attending the patient. 

Accurate patient information supports quality care

 Another added benefit is that the patient can be offered better quality care since the medical record is up-to-date, and no time is wasted on trying to figure out the latest developments in the patient’s health.

-Time saved is even time that can be spent seeing more patients. Time saved is also money saved, so it’s a win-win situation for both patients and health care institutions, concludes Henric Håkansson.