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System house Strikersoft builds Enklare’s new IT solution

Communication, Concrete Requirements & Customised Expertise


Strikersoft has helped Enklare with three projects to date, all of which have differed in nature. One was small, the second a bit larger and the third was enormous. The first concerned what was an entirely new product for Enklare, designed to facilitate their entry into the energy supply market. Enklare began by including a Strikersoft developer in their team for two weeks, tasked with identifying the project’s requirements and objectives. Anders also emphasises the importance of good communication and creating detailed requirements specifications in the success of this first project:

“You can’t just say: ‘We plan to start selling electricity. Can you make it work?’. You have to break the task down into reasonable units of work and assemble requirements based on what’s implementable, both so that the developers will know what the product owner wants and so that the product owner will understand what they’re going to get – what costs money and why,” says Anders.



By the time Swedish loan broker Enklare celebrated its fifth year in business, the time had also come for a major digital upgrade. The planned upgrade had been a low priority for some time, but it was clear by the time Enklare reached its five-year milestone that its entire IT system needed to be revamped. The company drew up an ambitious business plan and hired a new IT manager, former Crowdsoft CEO Anders Jönsson, who has more than 25 years’ experience in the IT and information sectors.


“Enklare was using an original system that they had built on – and then built on some more – and that had been temporarily propped up and patched up here and there to boot,” relates Anders Jönsson

He proposed that Enklare outsource certain projects, so the company reached out to system house Strikersoft for help.  Read more