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Strikersoft joins EU project to develop AI for SwipeCare®

Approved with a top rating by EU body ECSEL, the StorAIge project involves 41 organisations from eight EU countries. StorAIge’s aim is to develop AI on the edge – AI logic situated locally, rather than centrally in a cloud.

Relocation to a local setting will allow the easy and safe use of AI functionality in healthcare applications where data connection is either unavailable or unstable, and where delays in data transmission could have fatal consequences.

“Relocating AI to local environments and the ability to leverage its capabilities even in places where data traffic and data security measures aren’t available is truly a big step forward,” says Strikersoft CEO Fredrik Wångberg. “In healthcare, where delays can mean the loss of life, AI on the edge allows data collection, data analysis and the resulting action to happen at the source, drastically reducing lag time. Building AI on the edge into SwipeCare provides support for local decision-making based on a patient’s measurement data recorded in an ambulance or their home environment, for example,” Wångberg explains.

In addition to Strikersoft, other Swedish organisations contributing to the StorAIge project are Atlas Copco, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University. The project will run for three years.

“Having Strikersoft in our project team is really valuable, since they have both experience from and contacts within healthcare related to both the IT and healthcare process perspectives,” says Martin Törngren, Professor in Embedded Control Systems at KTH, and StorAIge’s Swedish project manager. “The exchange of expertise between industry and academia is important in both directions, so we look forward to collaborating with Strikersoft,” Törngren adds.

StorAIge will also develop new data chips that measure and analyse data locally for decision support in order to help diagnose heart failure and sepsis, among other applications.

“AI on the edge is another step forward in healthcare’s shift from large hospitals to the home,” explains Sara Bern, Product Owner for SwipeCare at Strikersoft. “Once the new chips are integrated into SwipeCare, nurses working with the Specialist Home Care Unit (ASIH) in Stockholm will be able to analyse measurement data directly and benefit from intelligent decision-making support functions when visiting their patients,” Bern adds.


About StorAIge
“StorAIge” is short for embedded storage elements on the next MCU generation ready for AI on the edge. Co-financed by the EU, the project aims to develop hardware and software that will bring AI to local environments by situating data collection and analysis at their source. Concerning hardware, the project also includes the development of next-generation chipset technology for handling AI on the edge’s complex calculation and security algorithms locally.


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