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SwipeCare® - Vitalis award finalist in 2020

SwipeCare® continues to attract more prize nominations and awards. SwipeCare® collaborator Linda Vogt was recently nominated for the prize User-friendly Innovations for Health and Care at Vitalis, the Nordic region’s leading eHealth conference and exhibition.


Stelpa - The foundation of SwipeCare®

Back in 2014, nurse Linda Vogt came up with the idea of creating digital medical records in what Aleris calls STELPA, which now forms the foundation for today’s SwipeCare® tool.


Why not in healthcare?

“People use digital tools everywhere in modern society, yet in healthcare, we don’t use them as much as we could. Why is that?” This was the question Linda put to Strikersoft CEO Fredrik Wångberg when they met at a children’s party in 2014. The rest is history, as the saying goes.


Broadscale implementation

Today, Aleris uses SwipeCare® extensively, including in its specialist home care (ASIH) units in Stockholm, the geriatric wards at Löwenströmska Hospital, Handens Hospital and Dalen Hospital, in palliative care wards, at Rudans Rehab, Rudans Neuroteam, at Handens Hospital’s memory clinic and within its basic home care services.


4 important benefits

SwipeCare® offers four important benefits, Linda explains:

  • More time for patients, less administrative work. Staff avoid the need for double documentation.
  • Increased care quality during patient visits thanks to fewer variations.
  • Patients are involved in their own care.
  • Improved working environment for healthcare staff.


Doctors’ report: better patient safety

Ann-Louise Rönnblad, Chief Physician at Aleris Närsjukvård, says that Aleris’ doctors have reported an improvement in patient safety thanks to STELPA. One reason for this is that STELPA lets on-call doctors immediately see what measures have been implemented for each patient, thereby avoiding confusion or misunderstandings in connection with issuing prescriptions and blood-pressure testing, for example.


33% time-savings

As far back as STELPA’s implementation at Löwet Geriatric Ward in 2018, the unit’s staff were already saving 5-10 minutes per patient registration, or about 33 per cent of the total time usually allocated – a major time-saving.


45,000+ medical records entries and counting

To date, more than 700 active users have created over 45,000 medical records entries within Aleris Närsjukvård’s operations with the help of SwipeCare®. This is a fantastic result, according to Pia Hardy, Head of Business Development at Aleris, and the healthcare provider is currently rolling out SwipeCare® to several other areas across the Aleris group.