Digitalizing Processes

A dedicated effort focusing on reviewing current processes; questioning them, turning them inside-out, matching them against the roles of the various users and finally “stealing” (aka borrowing) best practices from other industries.



Used to Working Digitally

Nowadays we are used to doing things digitally, both at work and at home. Whether it is booking trips, buying things online, reserving conference rooms or keeping accounts. At the same time, we are increasingly surrounding ourselves with devices that make it possible, computers at work, iPads on the sofa, and mobile phones in our pockets.

Expect Digital Processes

Your customers expect to be able to take care of their business whenever, and wherever they want. Management and owners are aware that they can offer customers a better experience for less. Even employees expect to be able to work in a digital environment, with easy to use mobile systems that increase availability and reduce time spent on routine tasks, giving them more time to create value for the organisation and its customers.

Realise Ideas

Do you also have an idea of how to improve your processes, but don’t think you have the energy or ability to achieve it? Or are you unsure of the possibilities and what they cost?

Business Value Model

Strikersoft has developed the Strikersoft Business Value Model, a model for realising ideas. Using the model, we go through existing processes, the ideas you have, and the best practices and inspiration available from your and other industries. Finally, we see how improvements can also give you new business opportunities.

Concrete Plan

It all culminates in a concrete plan with distinct steps, where each part is priced and where you always have full control to choose and prioritise what suits you, both timewise and financially.