Technical terms



React (sometimes called React.js) is an open source JavaScript library for building user interfaces that was originally created by Facebook. It was first used in Facebook’s newsfeed in 2011, and was open-sourced in 2013. Facebook built React to make it easier to build large applications in which data change over time.

Apart from Strikersoft and Facebook, React is also used by Netflix, Airbnb and others. Strikersoft has used React for web interfaces in several projects. 

Strikersoft has also used React Native, which lets developers use JavaScript to build mobile apps that use the same fundamental UI building blocks as standard iOS and Android apps.



HTML5 is a new version of the HTML language as well as a larger set of technologies that allows for more powerful websites and applications. Some of the major benefits of HTML5 are better performance, offline access, multimedia support and improved support for styling.

Strikersoft uses HTML5 every day in all our web projects.



.NET is a development platform developed by Microsoft and used by millions of developers to create apps and services. It supports combining multiple programming languages and has powerful class libraries that facilitate database connectivity, cryptography, web application development and more.

Strikersoft has used .NET in many projects, mainly for the server aspect of solutions for web and mobile apps that serve as customer interfaces.



Java is a programming language and Java Enterprise Edition is a collection of technologies and APIs for the Java platform designed to support enterprise applications, which can generally be classed as large-scale, distributed, transactional and highly-available applications designed to support mission-critical business requirements.

Strikersoft has lengthy experience using Java and currently uses it mainly to develop server software for systems with web and mobile application interfaces.



Python is a programming language that focuses on code readability in order to create clear programs on both large and small scales. 

Strikersoft is using Python to implement server applications, frequently choosing the web framework Django (as used by Instagram, Pinterest, the Washington Times and others). 


Mobile applications

Mobile applications are software executed on smartphones and tablets, and are increasingly the main way that users access services. Native applications have the best opportunities to access phone hardware and to create the best possible user experience in for instance eHealth applications used by doctors.

Strikersoft has been developing native mobile applications for iPhone and Android since the company was founded.



WebRTC is a set of APIs used to add high-quality, real-time voice, video, messaging and P2P file transfer to mobile applications and web solutions. It is used by Facebook Messenger, among others.

Strikersoft has used WebRTC in several projects to add real-time communication capabilities to both mobile applications and web solutions.



Databases are software that allow applications to store data in a structured way, making them easy to retrieve when needed. At Strikersoft, we frequently use relational databases such as MySQL and MS SQL, and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB.