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“Strikersoft has the experience and expertise needed to understand the big picture”





Kontrollbolaget is a company with many years’ experience handling requirements management and quality management within both the construction and nuclear power industries. The company’s specialisations include requirements specifications, controls, procedures and instructions for ensuring the quality of different types of projects. 

Sweden’s construction industry continues to be highly traditional in its work practices, meaning that the work to produce requirements specifications is still primarily undertaken manually; that is, workers consult paper documents to determine which standard and which requirements apply to the current project. In the very best-case scenario, this information can be searched for in a PDF document. This is an enormously time-consuming process, given that there are around 4,500 different standards in use in the construction industry, each of which, in turn, can refer to hundreds of different auxiliary standards (known as normative references) that further specify construction requirements.

Kontrollbolaget aimed to be the first to digitise this process and so sought out a supplier with the ability to create a solution that was both user-friendly and visually appealing. The supplier also needed to be able to understand the complex infrastructure behind the information that the tool was intended to manage.

“We realised that Strikersoft had the experience and expertise needed to understand the big picture; that is, not just to focus on what was needed at a particular point in time, but also on what we wanted to achieve in the long term,” says Pernilla Eriksson, Managing Director and Project Manager at Kontrollbolaget. 




Strikersoft went on to develop QMP1090: a web-based, user-friendly tool that automates the complicated process behind producing a correct and reliable requirements specification. Users simply enter what is to be built and how, together with which material and methods will be used, after which the tool generates a requirements specification based on all the different standards and normative references that apply to that particular project. Clients purchase a user’s licence and then have the option to use the service completely independently, or to let Kontrollbolaget manage parts of their requirements analysis and quality audit work. In addition to supplying the solution, Strikersoft also operates the service and manages all customer support on Kontrollbolaget’s behalf. 




Kontrollbolaget’s own tests show that QMP1090 has improved the efficiency of requirements specification work by more than 80 per cent. In Sweden, the construction industry turns over SEK 500 billion (GBP 45 billion) annually, of which SEK 2 billion (GBP 180 million) is spent on requirements specification work. In other words, introducing QMP1090 could mean a saving of over SEK 1.5 billion (GBP 136 million) each year.  

Streamlining doesn’t only result in financial benefits, however. QMP1090 also increases reliability because the digitised process eliminates the risk of overlooking or using the wrong information. Also, instead of wasting large amounts of time figuring out exactly which requirements apply, it allows industry players to spend their time ensuring that requirements are reviewed and met. 

The tool currently covers 30 different standards. The next stage of development is to expand its range even further (in areas like concrete construction, for example), but also to develop its functionality to allow users to produce an automated inspection plan for the project at hand in addition to a requirements specification.


“The results are very good. It’s instructive, simple, visually appealing and easy to understand. It’s opened up a whole new way of working for us: we can support our customers in other aspects of the process, engage in knowledge transfer and we ourselves can now market projects with a higher level of delivery quality. It also improves communication, since it’s no longer just one party who holds all the information. It’s an incredibly useful tool.”

Pernilla Eriksson, Managing Director and Project Manager at Kontrollbolaget






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