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“Thanks to the modern and efficient solutions developed by Strikersoft”





Tetra Consulting in the UK provides specialist safety risk management services for property, people and the workplace.  They work hard to be best-in-class in the areas of Health & Safety, Fire, Asbestos and Water. However, when inefficient paper-based processes caused unnecessary delays, they approached Strikersoft.  

When Tetra’s consultants went out to a site to do assessments, they had numerous paper-based checklists to fill in.  Back at the office they entered the information into word documents, created reports, and then sent them on to Quality Assurance for approval.  Once the final changes were made, it was only then that the final report could be sent to the client.  Tetra’s first priority was the optimization and automization of their Water assessment process and their Health & Safety and Fire assessment process.




Strikersoft developed a complete end-to-end system including cloud-based servers, administration web, user interface with apps and a possibility to connect to outside contractors. Tetra’s consultants download the app to their tablets, and once on-site the consultant simply goes through all the relevant checklists on the tablet, and can even add notes and attach photos. 

With just a final click a preliminary report is created on the spot and can be given to the client at the end of the site visit.  The report can even include a list of high priority items which the client can immediately start working on.  

Strikersoft is also working on an on-line property risk management solution, which is a value added service which Tetra will offer their clients.




The biggest time saving is in the writing and checking of the assessment reports. Instead of taking 2-4 hours maximum, the reports can be prepared in approximately 30 minutes.  The consequences of these changes is a far more efficient use of consultant’s time, along with a vastly reduced administrative burden. The changes to data collection and report production also improve data consistency and report formatting across client property portfolios.


“All of the implemented improvements enable our consultants to concentrate on serving our clients better, and thanks to the modern and efficient solutions developed by Strikersoft, Tetra’s consultants can handle the increasing demands of clients today without an increased workload,” says Peter Moore, Managing Director, Tetra UK.


The additional on-line property risk management solution will be used by Tetra’s clients to get an overview of their operations, and will help them manage their risks.




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