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SEV Tidsystem has been developing and refining its employee time tracking, time management and staff scheduling products and services for over 30 years. Today, more than 1,700 businesses and organisations throughout Sweden use the company’s market-leading employee time tracking and time management system, TIL-Tid, to streamline and simplify their staffing, payroll management and security.

SEV Tidsystem had begun work on a next-generation time tracking and time management system, a cloud-based solution for TIL-Tid, but the reality is that updating this type of system creates challenges. Especially when a business has a large client base, like SEV Tidsystem. Development needs to be carried out in parallel with daily operations and without negatively impacting existing users and their current systems.

Searching for a Collaborator

Although they had only ever used in-house developers in the past, SEV Tidsystem decided to seek external help to get the project finished and get their new service onto the market. They contacted a number of Swedish consultancy firms in their search for a collaborator to assist with a trial project, but couldn’t find the right match.

It was then that a colleague recommended contacting Strikersoft. The tip led to a collaboration between the companies on a specific project, the results of which exceeded SEV Tidsystem’s expectations. The company then made another attempt to find a traditional consultant to partner with in preparation for their major new development initiative, but none could satisfy their needs. In the end, they decided to try to establish a long-term cooperation agreement with Strikersoft instead.


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The solution was a tailor-made deal that saw SEV Tidsystem sign contracts with two Strikersoft employees who, instead of working on a project basis, enhanced and supported the company’s own resources. Before long, SEV Tidsystem had hired another two Strikersoft employees and, after having trialled this style of collaboration until the end of 2015, its success was obvious. In fact, it worked so well that SEV Tidsystem decided to make it a part of their future strategy.

Long-term Collaborations

“It’s a lot different to hiring ordinary consultants. Most consultants are interested in short-term contracts and are often self-employed professionals who are keen to put their own stamp on the products, so to speak, and to build, or rebuild, things from scratch. Strikersoft has the exact opposite mentality: they’re looking for long-term collaborations. What’s more, they’ve struck a good balance between adopting our vision and providing us with tips and new ideas. As a result, we’ve been able to establish a very good dialogue with them and to come up with great solutions,” explains Tomas Klys, Head of Development at SEV Tidsystem.



The outcome of the companies’ joint efforts was a cloud-based version of TIL-Tid that gives SEV Tidsystem’s clients a more efficient, flexible and mobile tool for staff scheduling. The system is accessible from anywhere where there is an Internet connection, as opposed to the old solution, which was accessible only at the client’s workplace.

In the past, clients were largely responsible for managing the system’s operation themselves and when technical issues arose, they had to contact SEV Tidsystem, whose technicians then had to travel to the client’s premises to troubleshoot the problem on site. The new system offers a much more convenient approach to managing TIL-Tid’s operation, benefiting everyone involved. For SEV Tidsystem’s part, instead of spending time and resources travelling around to solve issues on site, they can now focus on preventing problems before they even arise.

“Now we can both monitor and solve problems remotely. Perhaps before the client is even aware of them,” says Tomas.


TIL-Tid restaurang


Thanks to their flexible cooperation agreement, SEV Tidsystem has not only had access to the expertise of the four staff with whom they signed contracts, but, in reality, have benefited from the full scope of Strikersoft’s know-how.

At the Conceptual Stage

“The thing is, Strikersoft hires pros. They’re young and highly capable and we’ve benefited a lot from their expertise. One very recent example of their valuable contribution came during internal deliberations, where we involved them right from the conceptual phase, using them as sounding boards. We use them as though they were our own developers and have picked up loads of ideas as a result. Whenever we’re faced with a question or issue, they can assemble a team and hold a meeting where they supply expert knowledge in any area you care to name,” says Tomas.



The next step is to have all SEV Tidsystem’s clients migrate to the upgraded platform and to start delivering the new Android-based time clocks, which Strikersoft also helped develop as part of a parallel project.

“We’ve already attracted new clients on the strength of our updated system, and the plan is for it to help us land even more new business in the future,” Tomas concludes. “Strikersoft will continue to be an integral part of achieving this aim.”


“Strikersoft are really easy to work with and also very conscientious and thorough when it comes to the end result. They take pride in their work and want to do right by their clients. It’s obvious that the ultimate aim behind their approach is not to rack up more consulting hours, but to develop products, and that’s very refreshing to see in my line of work as Head of Development. They bring in people who are passionate about what they do, which is fantastic.”

Tomas Klys, Head of Development, SEV Tidsystem


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