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Areas in focus

System development

We take care of our customers' challenges and opportunities, have all the expertise needed to offer end-to-end development, develop a solution that works and deliver and maintain. 

Without doubt, that gives our customers a genuine advantage. Still, what they most appreciate about working with us is the opportunity to roll out the first version of their product fast, so that it can start creating value for their business from day one.


“Strikersoft is really a System House. When we at Crowdsoft hired them, we did not simply get five guys that we had to manage ourselves. Instead, it felt like we had a complete R&D department. Strikersoft manned, developed, dimensioned the team; they did everything we used to do earlier. Very professional!”

Alf Eriksson, former CEO at Crowdsoft, now VP Product Management at CLX Communications


The Development Process

Your journey consists of three smooth steps


Strikersoft's System House: a Breakdown


Despite a well-described development process, we know that sometimes it can still feel overwhelming. We have therefore picked some areas where we get the most questions and give you understanding and tips here. We begin with:




Customer Cases