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Just like with tools and processes, keeping pace with technologies development, evaluating and identifying which can be used with which applications and then implementing them in the right way is critical. It’s also here in the technologies field that we find IT’s hottest buzzwords – concepts like AI, blockchain, the cloud and VR, but also Java, .NET and Docker.


It’s difficult to talk about technologies without mentioning skills. And in reality, it’s skills that make the difference. In simple terms, skills are what our staff know and can apply to technologies, processes and teamwork in their everyday work. What’s more, we understand that when taking an agile approach to software development, what are known as “soft skills” are at least as important as technical skills and are often vital in creating and maintaining highly-effective teams over time.

Pre-existing systems

Many organisations have legacy systems that need to be updated when new solutions are implemented. Still, getting hold of someone who knows these older technologies in a hurry isn’t always so easy. Strikersoft’s broad-ranging and extensive expertise means that we understand more than just the latest technologies. For example, we also have many developers with skills in older technologies, such as C++.

Agile teams

Perhaps surprisingly, it can actually be counterproductive only to hire developers with the crème de la crème of skills. The result can be too many “prima donnas” who have trouble cooperating with others. This is especially true when it comes to groups that need to cover all aspects of front-end, back-end and database development as a unified team. Prima donnas might be world-beaters when it comes to their own processes and methods, but when the task is to build an entire system, a lone superstar’s limited skills set simply won’t get the job done.

Strikersoft has many years of experience putting together development teams with the right expertise and level to guarantee productive teamwork from the start; teams where the focus is as much on working as a unit as it is on technical skills. We also have solid expertise and experience in helping to develop teams through agile coaching, for example.


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