System development


Pre-existing systems

For a product to work, you almost always need to integrate it with an existing administration system where users and objects are created and managed. These systems might include customer databases, a HR system, a system for appointment bookings, or a register of all the items included in a network. Ordinarily, these kinds of systems are already in place, making the development of a whole new system both unnecessary and undesirable. Instead, you want to ensure that your new product integrates conveniently with your old system.

External systems

You may also need to integrate your solution with external systems, such as payment solutions like Klarna, PayPal, Payson, credit cards and Swish. Electronic identification solutions such as BankID (i.e., secure services for log-in and approving official business and transactions) and systems from which population registration data can be retrieved are other examples of systems that solutions often need to integrate with. Sometimes, this integration can be achieved when there is time and space available for it, such as batch jobs that are executed at night-time or when the system is idle. However, real-time solutions are increasingly in demand, where the integration with other systems needs to be instantaneous and where delays can have negative or even catastrophic consequences, such as in the case of emergency medical care, or when an e-commerce site becomes impractically slow.


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